ORP Dual Tone Bike Horn is Here!

This may be the best cycling safety device yet, not only is it a light, but this little horn truly packs a punch! To make a long story short, ORP developed this dual tone bike horn and light because they wanted to improve upon the standard light/bell combo. First, ORP discovered the Piezo speaker and its circuitry barely taxed the battery to drive the sound, once the horn part was figured out ORP had everything they needed to add LEDs. So, they ended up combining two products: a beacon light and a horn into one small and (we think) beautiful product!

ORP was built to make you more visible by making you hearableORP combines a dual-decibel horn and front beacon light within a super-small, super-light, weatherproof and USB rechargeable package. ORP's integral strap makes mounting a breeze for almost all handlebars. All ORP's come complete with the ORP Power Kit, a shim for smaller-diameter bars, and are REMORP ready.

California Bicycle is very excited to be one of a few dealers in Southern California that is carrying ORP's safety products. Come by the shop to see just how powerful this cycling safety device from ORP truly is!