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Here at California Bicycle we want to help you reach all of your cycling goals, and there is nothing more helpful then a lighting systems to keep you safe and cycling computers to track all of your efforts! With options from Niterider, Wahoo, Garmin, Omata, Pioneer, Lezyne, Kryptonite, and more, we are sure to have a computer and accessories to fit all your data needs. Stop in today to dial in all your digital needs from speed and cadence to navigation and elevation calculation!

Lighting on the bike has become a necessity 24/7 and 365 days a year! So in order to keep ourselves safe out on the busy roads and on the trails as the light begins to fade earlier and earlier. We stock lighting systems from Niterider, Lezyne, as well as Kryptonite in order to keep you safe out there. Check out Niterider's lighting guide at the bottom of this page in order to find the perfect lighting system for you and yours!

San Diego Omata Dealer
San Diego Wahoo Dealer
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Npr infographic - npr day & night infographic.