California Bicycle Vs. Online:

California Bicycle Inc has a very different business model than the typical modern retail store. We have a small, highly trained and efficient staff that specializes in providing one-on-one service and support to our customers. It is very difficult to provide this level of service to a person who is purely shopping on price, over the faceless Internet. Where the sum total of interaction is a few mouse clicks followed by a series of automated messages.

As a result, where most stores aggressively reduce their online prices in order to be competitive in the national market, we are the exact opposite, we focus on our in-store customers and face to face interactions. In turn we are able to offer the best local value and service we are capable of providing. Our in-store prices are extremely competitive with the Internet market, meaning we don’t punish our loyal and local customers for continuing to shop locally. This allows you to buy local, and then enjoy continued local expert advice and support after the sale. In most cases our prices are very similar to what you would have paid to get it shipped to your door step from an Internet reseller.

We welcome you to visit California Bicycle’s showroom in downtown La Jolla, San Diego! Please stop by, call, or email us to enjoy our tremendous selection of value-priced quality merchandise. Along with our renowned service, and our over four decades of technical expertise they are very few bicycle related issues that we cannot handle. Our in-stock inventory consistently includes many components that are absolutely unavailable online, anywhere! Come spend some time with us, our staff, our family, and you will soon realize why for over 40 years and countless accolades we will continue to provide the absolute best service you will find. Period.