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Expected to arrive at California Bicycle the first week of November, the Colnago E64 is inspired by Colnago’s top model – the C64. Can this new e-road bike from Italy keep up with the rich legacy of Ernesto Colnago’s company? You can find everything you need to know right here out of the official press release. The latest evolution of the performance made by Colnago. The E64 project becomes reality, with the aim of bringing the experience and knowledge of the historic brand to the world of pedal-assisted bikes. The E64 marks the entry of Ernesto Colnago’s company into the e-road market with the style and quality that have distinguished it for 65 years.

The E64 looks like a bike with an exceptionally low weight: only 12 kg, including the battery. This is made possible thanks to a very light frame and fork, in high-quality monocoque carbon fibre. The Ebikemotion servo assistance system is the lightest on the market. In fact, the weight of the engine is only 3,7 kg and is capable of developing a power of 250 watts. The engine is located inside the rear hub and the battery on the frame’s down tube. There are three methods of use for the assistance, which can be viewed on the luminous button on the top tube. With this button, you can turn the system on and off and check the battery charge status. An additional “power pack” will soon be available, which can supply an additional 250 watts and will be placed on the vertical tube, with the appearance of a second bottle.

The Ebikemotion system also provides a specific application that can be downloaded to your phone that allows you to make the most of the available potential. Wearing a heart rate belt, it is possible to set a threshold frequency beyond which the intervention of the servo assistance system can begin. Furthermore, a series of more classic and simple features are provided, such as speed, power, slope, GPS, etc. Call us today at 858-454-0316 to reserve your E64 today!